About Us


Rivers Edge Services was opened in 1994 by Bruce Williams. He started this shop down on River road as a one man shop. He balanced answering phones, working on vehicles, ordering parts and running the business as a whole. He then expanded to employing one fully licensed technician and an apprentice.

Rivers Edge Services was then re-located to its current location on 18th ave and have been thriving here for 10 years with three fully licensed technicians and a professional service advisor.  Through award winning customer service we now have a  base of customers ranging from big fleet companies, the little old man down the street to hard working families.

Over the years Bruce and his team have earned the reputation as a good reliable, affordable shop. Able to repair all makes and models of vehicles from antique classics, supercharged sports cars, the minivan, to performance kits for diesel trucks! Continuous training in the ever changing technology of vehicles, updating to the latest computer systems and databases keep Rivers Edge on top of the trade allowing us to diagnose and repair everything.

Rivers Edge Services also specializes in off-road performance kits such as Rancho, Pro Comp and Revtech, diesel  performance and now gas and supercharger performance with custom programming.