Wheel Alignments

An essential part of good automobile care is wheel alignment, also called tracking or braking. It refers to the process by which the angel of the tire or wheel is altered so as to perfectly fit the specification for that particular car as provided by the maker. Mostly people opt for this as it allows them to get a better and smoother drive that optimizes efficiency and reduces wear and tear. Sometimes people may opt for it in order to achieve a specific angle for the tire that improves the drive for off-road terrains (but may not necessarily be the optimum angle for road driving).

From the technical point of view, wheel alignment is related to suspension for the tires. In order to carry this out, first the angles of suspension for the tire are measured and then, based on that, the ideal angles are arrived upon. Usually this is done by the car maker. The ideal angles are then created by altering the suspension components. The ultimate goal is to ensure the wheels on either side are perfectly parallel to each other and perfectly perpendicular to the ground, which creates a straight tracking down a smooth and straight road.

There are four primary angles that need to be measured in wheel alignment: the caster, camber, the thrust and the toe. The caster is the angle of the steering pivot for the tire, the camber is the angle of the wheel, the toe is the angle of the car when compared to the centerline of the automobile while the thrust is the angle of the rear wheels in relation to the centerline.

Reducing the wear and tear by making the tire more efficient is not the only reason to go for wheel alignment services. The proper angle for the tire, according to the specifications provided by the maker of the vehicle, ensures the automobile drives in a straight and true line and without the slight pull to one side that is often experienced as a defect even in brand new cars. Thus getting this done for any automobile really enhances the drive and makes the automobile much easier to handle. This is applicable not just for small cars, sedans and SUVs but also to trucks, tractors and off-road automobiles.

Usually wheel alignment is done by auto repair service providers on one of the following occasions: whenever new tires are installed (either as a replacement or because the owner wants custom wheels), whenever suspension components and changed or installed, whenever a major accident or some kind of damage occurs and whenever unusual tire-related drive patterns are noticed (either by the driver or the auto repair technician). Usually the side pulls and faulty tire suspensions manifest themselves after the vehicle has experienced a certain amount of wear and tear.

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