Rivers Edge Services is your go-to place for comprehensive auto repair and maintenance services. Here, your vehicle is in good hands. We offer:

Autopro Preventative Maintenance Program

Proper maintenance of your vehicle will not only enhance its performance, maintain warranties, reduce costly breakdowns, increase your car’s sales value, and make it safer, more reliable, and eco-friendly, it also allows you to save big on repairs. We offer scheduled and comprehensive maintenance and inspections on all kinds of automobiles ranging from light trucks to vans, and SUVs.

Computerized Engine Diagnostics

Our complete computerized engine analysis system is regularly updated to keep current with the latest automotive technologies. Our equipment is handled by certified, trained, and experienced technicians to make sure your vehicle’s condition is correctly diagnosed.

Complete Brake Services with ABS & Anti-Lock Systems

Brake fluid contamination can become a big concern when not addressed properly. Contaminated brake fluid can result in component failure and costly repairs. Prevent unnecessary expense with our brake inspection and complete brake, ABS, anti-lock systems services.

Transmission Services

Protect your car’s sophisticated transmission components from contaminated fluid, rough/hard shifting, and slippage through our updated transmission service.

Cooling System Services

To prevent your vehicle’s cooling system from degradation, you need a knowledgeable and well-equipped repair shop to do your maintenance. Attempting to do a cooling system flush yourself may result in further damage to the system. Save yourself the trouble and the expense and take your car to us!

Engine Tune-Up

Busted spark plugs can affect your engine’s performance. Routine maintenance and tune-up is required to keep your vehicle running in its top shape. Automobile manufacturers today have developed a recommended routine maintenance schedule for specific components of your engine, from spark plug, fuel filter, and PCV valve replacement, to adjustments of various devices that affect engine performance. Make an appointment for major tune-up service today!

Fuel Injection Flush, Repair & Service

Dirt, varnish and carbon deposits that build-up in your fuel system may diminish your car’s performance and lead to expensive engine repairs. If you are experiencing poor acceleration, engine pinging, poor fuel economy, lack of power, rough idle, hesitation, and repeated stalling or poor performance especially when cold, then it’s high time for a fuel injection service. Here at Rivers Edge Services, we offer MotorVac Carbon Cleaning for both gasoline and diesel engines.

Oil Change & Lubrication

With a complete maintenance history of your vehicle, our technicians can keep track of your vehicle’s needs and do routine maintenance in keeping with manufacturer specifications. Most vehicles come with manufacturer warranties that require maintenance through periodic services like oil change and lubrication.

Power Steering Systems

Power steering flushing can save you hundreds of dollars for costly repair work and replacement of expensive components. If your system is showing signs of stiffness, contaminated power steering fluid, noise, and rough or hard turning, consider this service first before performing any major repair.

Air Conditioning

Here at River’s Edge our certified and trained mechanics know how to properly handle R134A refrigerants and work with some of the most cutting edge leak detection equipment available to help you maintain proper operation of your car’s air conditioning system.

Vehicle Inspections

We do full vehicle inspections, to check for failure in the steering system, front end, braking efficiency, tires, and electrical system, which are important factors that most insurance companies inspect. We also do out of province inspections, pre-purchase inspections, and pre-vacation inspections.

Electrical & Wiring Systems

Electrical system analysis is an important routine maintenance measure to diagnose electrical problems within your vehicle’s system. Detecting minor electrical problems in your charging and starting systems can save you a lot of money and headache from costly repairs and replacements.

New Tire Sales, Tire Repair, and Balancing

Keep your car’s legs in tip top shape with our new tire supplies or have your tires repaired and balanced for maximum performance. Visit our shop or call our hotline for more details about our services.